Andy's Page

How did it come to this?

The first band I got into was Queen when I was about 10 and to this day you just can’t beat the 70s Queen albums, every single one of them (although Queen II is the best, this is not up for discussion!). That’s where I learnt about combining melody and power. Then I discovered punk and everything else went back in the racks for a good few years. Punk taught me a lot, like how to think for yourself and how to play the guitar (to a point) but my favourite ‘punk’ bands were always those that refused to be limited by the confines of the genre.

Of course punk was contradictory and up it’s own arse as well and eventually you realise that to categorise music by genre is to limit it’s creativity and it’s audience. Music IS and that’s that. A song or tune is either good or it isn’t; it may not be presented in your preferred form but you can recognise a great melody or riff however it’s dressed up. Adopting that outlook opened up a whole new world of sound.

Not a great one for citing influences as I don’t really have musical heroes as such. I certainly have bands that I love and no doubt I draw on them but as far as The Dream Circuit goes I will take influences from anywhere and I’d like to think that’s part of what makes us not sound wholly like anyone else. I love musical intricacy with a hint of whimsy and I love full on aggressive demolition with a little bit of everything else inbetween.

Not a great one for technical stuff either and I really couldn’t tell you what a diminished chord looks like (it’s probably small and ugly though). Chances are I play a variation of it anyway and that’ll do me; if it sounds right then it is right!

I play a combination of what I like and what I can afford! Washburn guitars (Wi66PRO-F and WP-50), Marshall amps (JTM60 at present).