'Remote Control Your Soul' Release Notes

Now I know that there are those of you out there that like to get all hot under the collar about different issues of releases/different labels, artwork, cases etc etc. I know this because I used to be amongst your number (ongoing therapy helps but never quite erodes the need for multiple copies!).

So here is the lowdown on the 'Remote Control Your Soul' CD as best I can remember it! I'll try and post pics as well at some point for purposes of illustration.

This has always been a DIY release so batches have been produced as and when we needed them, which explains some of the differences. The first batch of 20 and the second of 15-20 (sorry can't remember exactly how many) were housed in cases taken from other CDs, so are a variety of different ones, most were black but there was one white and one blue so if you have those, it's a rarity! The CDs used on the first batch had the DC television logo burnt onto them and no other text. They were also different colours, so there are roughly an even number of yellow,  green and red. The second batch were all done on the same gold colour disc but with the same picture as the first batch. All CDs after that were done on gold discs with no picture, just simple text with band name, copyright details and 'Remote Control Your Soul'.

The front cover of the booklet has remained the same for all releases. There was a minor amendment to the back of the cover booklet after the first two batches, subsequent issues had the website address added below the email contact, which of course the first two batches did not have.

There have been two different back covers. Roughly 8 or 9 of the first batch had the DC pill logo on the back with the tacks listed in the middle. Due to this image being very dark however it used way too much ink so we had to change it to the current image (our heads on pedestals) and this has remained the same ever since.

That's abut it, hope it's of some use and if not what the hell are you doing reading this far down?!

Andy 2013